Our Love Story

Here you can find out a little more information on Rick & Mandy, including their individual perspectives on how they met and how Rick popped the big question!

How They Met

Mandy’s Perspective…
♥ It all started with a wink (it’s like a poke on facebook)…
on match.com! After I saw that Rico Bernard (I don’t know how I wasn’t scared off by that user name) had winked at me and written me a message, I checked out his profile, we chatted online for a couple of hours and exchanged numbers. A few minutes later I got the first of thousands of text messages… “Hi!”

On the Friday of our first date I remember texting each other saying how nervous we were to finally meet and Rick even asked me advice on what he should wear! So after a couple of phone calls and a few days of texting later, we finally met! We had sushi, went out for drinks and had such an amazing time! I knew from the minute we met there was something special about Rick… he made me laugh, made me feel safe and made me feel so comfortable to just be myself. The next day he texted me and told me what a great time he had with me… and that he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. I couldn’t either… and I haven’t stopped smiling since.

Rick’s Perspective…
Recently moving to San Diego I was ready to meet new people, the bar scene isn’t necessarily the best place to meet Mrs. Right so being the computer-nerd I am, I decided to try my hand at online dating. It was a Monday evening and I signed up for the Match.com free trial, I populated my online profile and answered some personality questions… minutes later I was shown a list of recommended matches! Mandy was near (if not on) the top of the list, showing that we matched 88%! Could it be?! Could I have found the girl of my dreams in about 35 minutes?! Being extremely nervous as this was a new venture I decided to send her a wink!. Being the impatient person that I am I decided to send her a quick note, something that would catch her eye, something that would stand out… so I asked her if it hurt when she fell from heaven (because she is gorgeous!). haha! In all honesty I can’t remember what I sent, but we ended up chatting for a couple hours… we then exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet for dinner that Friday evening. That entire week we were both so nervous and excited for our date, by Tuesday night we wanted to just get it over with and meet for coffee but I persisted that the build-up is good and that we’ll have fun on Friday. Friday night came, we met for sushi and then rounded the night out with some drinks and dancing at The Hard Rock in Downtown San Diego. That night I had the most amazing time of my life and every night ever since has been equally as amazing.

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